July 23rd, 2005


Sleep deficit recovery

Urgh. Woke up at 0700 for no apparent reason, so I went back to sleep...until 1330. Now I feel largely inert. There's nothing on the agenda until the CONvergence volunteer party tonight at the Sheraton, so I think I'll lounge around and read Paglia's "Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders". Either that or work on some of the background for Blood Red Skies, which is going to involve a lot of spreadsheet mangling. Yawn...think I better have some more coffee and maybe some lunch-like stuff first. *heads to kitchen*


Having put it off for months, I've finally put up a page for Blood Red Skies on my otherwise undistinguished personal page. Laugh at my crude HTML skills. Read the hideously outdated book and music pages! Roll your eyes over the sad lack of updating. Yeah, well, I've been busy. Thphhttt.