July 22nd, 2005


I'm all balanced - so can I go home?

Apparently not. Good Lord, I can remember taking days to do this when I first showed up here six and a half years ago, and today I knocked it out in less than an hour. Of course, the process has been drastically streamlined over the years, but still...just a couple of years ago I thought it was damn near miraculous that I managed to get the revenue and expense sides of the process in balance after just three hours. I can't even do that with my checkbook. *rimshot*

Slept pretty well if not very long last night...couldn't get to sleep until shortly after midnight, but managed to get up at 0530, do the cuff (need to bring the one for the other leg up from the truck someday) and somehow get my act together so that I was out the door in time to catch the 589 from Normandale Village at 0730. Apparently the MTC isn't going to have the new schedules out until mid-August, by which time I won't really care since I'll either be moved into the apartment in Hopkins or be rooming with the kids on 28th Avenue while I accumulate fundage. Still no reply from the management company to the letter I sent them earlier in the week regarding all our stuff they threw out last summer, the lack of maintenance, and Scott's truck being towed. I'll give them a buzz next week to follow up, I think.

Not the right man for the job

I was asked the other night if I'd consider being a guest wrangler at Anime Iowa.

"That depends," I said. "Who do you want me to be looking after?"
"[artist from Texas]," she said.
"I don't think that'd be a good idea," I replied, "since [artist] owes me fifty bucks. Or some art. This would be from two years ago at AI."
"Oh...that could be a problem, considering you're supposed to be making [artist] happy."
"Yeah. I'd be more like, 'Give up the art, biyotch!' since [artist] already cashed my check."
AI staffer goggles. "[artist] what?"
"Mmm-hm. [artist] cashed my check. I e-mailed [artist] twice after that and never got an answer, so I'm going to be looking [artist] up and getting some art or some cash back. That might get in the way of making [artist] happy, I'm thinking."
"Yeah, maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea."
"Thanks for asking, though."