July 18th, 2005

dead wombat

Falling off the sleep cycle, getting on again, falling off again...

I'm not sure I really got any sleep last night, but apparently I did since I got up at 0545 and fiddled with the laptop instead of snoozing in the cuff for another 15 minutes as I normally would...actually, normally I'd reset the alarm for another 30 minutes of drowsing after getting the cuff off.

Ran all the errands that needed running last night except for getting the watch band repaired/replaced, which I guess I can do today after work or maybe over lunch, since I have a couple of CDs to mail out from last week's auctions. About half the CDs didn't sell, which is not good...I need to be increasing my income from eBay since things are kinda crunchy on the financial front. My own fault, really, since I haven't been as careful about maintaining the checkbook as I really ought to have been, and have been dinged by the Evil Banking Neighbor accordingly. That has to change or I'm really going to be in the soup. For now, time to grab a cup of coffee, hit the shower, and get rolling. Supposed to see the vein specialist today, and we'll see what kind of good news she has for me.

Today's moment of Zen

Last night's storm did wonders for the local weather. The air was cool and clear, and for once I-35W northbound was free of idiots and brain-damage cases, so it was actually a pleasure to drive in.

At 7th Street and 3rd Avenue South, I pulled up alongside a drop-top BMW driven by a rather decent looking middle-aged blonde. Blasting from her sound system: "I Will Survive".

phoenixalpha and I looked at each other and exploded with laughter.
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Beatdown, GOP style

Cobb had a post the other day which I didn't post about at the time since I was pretty unfocused and not thinking much about political stuff. On re-reading it this morning, though, I think he's fallen into a classic race-relations trap, which is to say looking at everything in terms of the white/black dichotomy, and not looking hard enough at the other elements in the party. He refers to a post by Nelson Taylor about Country Club Republicans and Right Wing Socialists which also suffers from oversimplification. Taylor misidentifies the Right Wing Socialists as "fascists" and equates them to the Conservative Christians, which is dead wrong on both counts. I don't deny that there are some of those folks out there, and they certainly make a lot of noise, but they're not as numerous or significant as Taylor or the MSM (pace the Soros/Kos/Dean Democrats) would have you believe.
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dead wombat

Digitize this!

The doctor's appointment went well enough, though I was pretty hacked off at having to fill out the same damn paperwork I fill out at every HealthEast clinic regarding my insurance and medical history. You want to cut the cost of health care, digitize all that crap so people don't spend 10-15 minutes filling out forms every time they have an appointment and the receptionists/clerks don't have to enter it all, duplicating something that's already been done a dozen other times at other clinics. Anyway, she says that the damage in my leg is to the lymph system and the veins, that the itchy spot on the left foot is fungus, not lymphatic irritation, and the dark patches on my legs are due to a weird melatonin upsurge that happens a lot when the lymph system gets swamped. She sent me home with another wad of papers - prescriptions for pressure stockings, physical therapy, and some topical antifungal, plus some orthotics that I already have.

I still had the rest of the afternoon ahead of me, since I'd taken half a day of PTO on account of the weather being so nice, so I picked up Melody on my way through downtown and headed home. Put up a bunch of CDs on eBay, ate dinner, played catch-up on AFU, and am considering an early bedtime. Yes, I suppose I should go take care of some of this stuff tonight, but I think the dermatologist knows better than a vein specialist what the crap on my skin is, and the other stuff can wait until tomorrow. I'm tired, depressed for no apparent reason aside from fatigue, and I say the hell with it.