July 16th, 2005


On the usual weekend schedule

Well...now that the AC has been tweaked and I've brought the fan home from work, it's kinda sorta tolerable in here. Scott & Melody's Haier unit that they picked up at Menard's is doing yeoman work, bringing the temp and humidity in the rest of the apartment down to acceptable levels, so it's not as awful in here as I originally feared it would be.

Unfortunately, I have errands to run...StippleAPAs to deliver to huladavid and a Howl's Moving Castle display to pick up from the Lagoon Theater. I'm not looking forward to this, since I'd much rather remain indoors than go out at all, but duty is duty. Guess I'll take care of laundry tonight.

Oh yes...I did pick up my copy of the new Harry Potter book last night at B&N out in Eden Prairie. I hung out with revolutionaryjo and firearmofmutiny and their friend, whose name I never did get, but who was equipped with a plush black dog yclept Sirius. ^^ Told myself I was only going to read the first couple of chapters before nodding off, but next thing I know it's 3 AM and I'm starting Chapter 12. Curse you, JK Rowling! CURSE YOU! *SHAKES FIST* Damn, I wanna write like her when I grow up.