July 12th, 2005



Surprisingly, I managed to drop almost five pounds over the last two weeks. Today's weight is 409.2 pounds, and I feel that I've made a significant advance here, not only in managing to get the weight under 410 pounds but in doing so during a fortnight that included CONvergence. I wasn't very good at watching what I ate that weekend, though I did keep the high-calorie, high-fat intake to a minimum. I also did plenty of lifting, heaving and walking and sucked up plenty of water, so on balance I guess I did pretty well.

Maybe not having time to eat is actually a good thing? Eh. Two more weeks remain in this cycle of Weight Watchers. I'm going to do my best to stick with the program and get the walking in twice a day, and we'll see what happens...pretty confident that it'll turn out well.
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Apparently the FEC can read better than the Congress, President and Supreme Court

Looks like the FEC may exempt bloggers from McCain-Feingold after all. I guess all those e-mails and testimony by prominent bloggers on the left and right did some good after all. Note this as one of the rare occasions on which I agree with Markos Moulitsas, better known as Daily Kos.

Via Instapundit.
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Obligatory fashion post #2

For the benefit of the folks I mentioned it to at CVG, this is the article on neo-Nazi politics as a vehicle for teenage rebellion in Germany. What caught my attention (and that of the blogger who led me to it, whoever it was) was the slant on designer clothes being used as code to express one's sympathies with the NPD. Apparently this is becoming an issue in the Netherlands too.

Unrelated but disturbing.

Turns out the first article was in Der Spiegel, not the Christian Science Monitor. *shrugs*
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