July 11th, 2005

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Not helping his cause

Browsing through the news, I came across this story about the return of industry to the Iron Range some years after the taconite bust. Most of the story focuses on interagency wrangling between the Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, but there was this little gem towards the end of the story:

But Clyde Hanson, a Sierra Club volunteer with the group's Mining Without Harm program, said the proposed projects, combined with existing mining and mills on the Range, are "proposing to bring Gary, Indiana, to northern Minnesota."

"The law requires that they (regulatory agencies) look at not just the single project up for a permit, and not just other projects on the drawing board, but all existing mining, logging and real estate development, road building - anything that might impact air and water and wildlife," Hanson said.

What a dumbass! It's already Gary up there, with all the closed mines, shuttered mills and young people leaving in droves for other parts of the state where they can actually find a job. If he's concerned about the potential pollution, fine, a lot of folks living there are too. This kind of hyperbole is a big reason why a lot of people don't pay any attention to the Sierra Club any more, because everything's a disaster in their eyes.