July 8th, 2005


Squeeze play

tatsmaru called last night to let me know she'd be available for the KCC Japan thing posted earlier, which was good to hear since I'd gotten no comments or e-mail about the post and don't really want to spend a lot of time at this weekend's AD meeting on it. Hopefully some other folks not going to AI will step up as well.

Got in some good sleep last night and woke up at 0500 to wrestle with the pressure cuff and get in an hour of additional sleep while getting my swollen leg squeezed. Worked great. Between the Cozaar and the cuff, my right leg is more often the same size as my left leg, while the right foot is now loose in the shoe. If this keeps up I may even be able to wear my size 13 jungle boots to AI (and to work) which will reduce the wear on my sneakers and be better for my feet besides.

phoenixalpha came into town on the 589 with me and we've been hacking her resume so she can get signed up with a couple of temp agencies and maybe start work next week. Better late than never.

Local author naomikritzer gets a plug from the Blogfather this morning, by way of John Scalzi, whose Old Man's War is still languishing on my "to be read" list. ISTR seeing naomikritzer at Diversicon these last couple of years, so if you enjoy her work and/or want to ask her some questions about it, you won't get a better opportunity. Scalzi gives Kritzer major props for avoiding the overdone elf and dwarf crap that clutters up so much of the fantasy booklist these days and doing something original, which is always a good thing.