July 6th, 2005

dead wombat

Holes in my foot, leaks in my head

Most of this evening was spent going to Urgent Care or the pharmacy, and the net result is a bottle of Cephalexin, which I'll be nibbling away at for the next ten days since the hole in my foot has, of course, become infected. Grabbed a large roast beef at Arby's on the way back, added carrots and broccoli with a puddle of dressing when I got home, and that was dinner. I spent an hour in the cuff getting the fluid squeezed out of my leg while browsing LJ, and now it's time to crash so I can suit up in whatever I can pull together in the morning, since laundry didn't get done as I'd been told it would be.

First, though, a meditation on bangers and manhood and the black political spectrum, which has particularly interesting differences from the Hispanic political spectrum.

I have to rethink the amount of work I put into CONvergence this year. Yes, most of it was fun, but I did some pretty stupid things this year that I really don't want to repeat. Some of the stupidity was fairly short-term in its effects, but other parts could really screw me up down the road, and that part of the road isn't so far off these days.

The Anything Box

It's a slow morning here at the Evil Banking Neighbor, and I'm mulling over part of the conversation Anna Waltz and I had on Sunday morning. We're going to do a not-really-programming thing there, an "Anime 101" presentation for the benefit of folks who are curious about anime but don't really know where to start, and the conversation drifted from that into the larger question of what's going to become of Diversicon.
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The General

Mail call

Didn't get over to the post office this morning since I had to spend my break on an Office Depot run - I was fresh out of CD sleeves, which I use to repackage CDs for my foreign customers. When I did get over there on my afternoon break, I found a couple of money orders waiting for me (proceeds from eBay), a couple of registrations for Anime Detour, and a letter from the KCC Japan Education Exchange, whcih would like us to come by their open house at Henry Sibley High School, which is scheduled for September 10. Yup, right in the middle of AI weekend. Well, I know some of the staff aren't going, so we should be able to scrape together a crew to represent for ATC and the convention.