June 29th, 2005


Early to bed and early to rise

Woke up this morning at 0448 with a slight but throbbing pain in my foot and a yawning void in my stomach, so I got up and went through my morning routine an hour before I normally do - being careful to disarm both alarm clocks before I headed out to the kitchen. Blood sugar was once again in the green, which is starting to get a wee bit scary.

Today will be full of preparations for the weekend. I need to compile a list of stuff for Kale and Scott to get out of the storage locker on Thursday night, a shopping list of groceries for Melody and I to pick up at Cub and United Noodle on Thursday morning after I get fitted for the pressure sleeve, and a letter to the management informing them that they can take their lease renewal offer and shove it up their gunga sideways so that it gives them excruciating hemorrhoids (or words to that effect). It has not been a pleasant stay here; the building is clearly decaying, the management has been sullen and difficult at best, and the amenities here are simply not worth the extra rent I'm paying, to say nothing of the utilities. With any luck they'll be cooperative and let us move in mid-July.

The early rising allowed me to check the eBay sales (good) and throw a few more CDs up from the dwindling collection in the bedroom closet. There are some more in the entryway closet, but those can wait until next week. Tonight I need to do some laundry, write some papers, and hopefully not stay up too late....which, considering how drained I've been feeling of late, shouldn't really be a problem. Time to get prepped for work.
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Things to do tonight: Laundry. Lesson plan and authentic assessment for Thursday night's class. Type up cheklist for Scott so he knows what to get out of the storage locker for the room party.

Tomorrow: Get measured for pressure sleeve. Drop off lease termination notice with the super. Do grocery shopping for room party at United Noodle and Cub. Check in at Sheraton and drop off groceries, leaving Melody on-site with keys. Go to class and turn in work. Come back and assist with room party and con suite as needed. Go home and collapse.

Friday: Pay rent, grab breakfast and get to the hotel by 10 AM to begin work in the Consuite. Rinse, lather and repeat until burned out on Sunday night. ^_^
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