June 25th, 2005


The Pirate life for me, arrrr!

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dead wombat


I have several options when it comes to doing things tonight, and a couple of them are even social. I feel a great inertia weighing on me, though, as well as a strong desire to just switch the a/c on, shower, and go back to bed so I can get back on something like a normal schedule.

As usual, SMAC is the culprit. I was out getting my ass kicked in Unreal Tournament at Clay's last night until about 11, at which time I decided to go collect my new prescription and head home. This I then did, but instead of just going to bed and going to sleep like a sensible person (especially since I had an apartment visit scheduled for the morning) I thought I'd just play a few turns of SMAC. A few turns later...it was 0400. Arrggh. I called the apartment complex at 0945 to let them know I wasn't feeling well and went back to bed until 1600.

Not sure if the new drug (Cozaar) is having much of an effect yet. My leg looks slightly less swollen, but I could be wrong...anyway, I think remaining prone would be better for it, so I think I'll take a pass on parties and gaming for tonight and just stay in.
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