June 21st, 2005


Today at the Bulge...

Picked up a few ounces, none too surprising really since the weekend (especially Saturday) was marked by an utter lack of discipline and not nearly enough exercise to work it off. Still, I did well most of the week and expect to do all right this week as well.

In other parts of the body, it looks like my doctor's appointment tomorrow is auspiciously timed. My right calf muscles are feeling achy and mildly inflamed, and in the past this has been the prelude to a return of the dreaded leg infection. The only good news about this is that I'm catching it in time and so should be over it by CONvergence, God and my immune system willing.
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More posts about buildings and food

Depending on how other things go between now and the end of August, I may have found my new quarters for the next year or two. The apartment in question is out in Hopkins, walking distance from Josh's place in fact, and half as far from downtown as the current digs. The price is right, too: right around $600 with all utilities except phone and Internet paid. Does it get any better than that? Yes, in fact it does - the place is what passes for a high-rise in these parts, and with any luck at all I could wind up with an apartment on the top floor.

It even has a rail line within a quarter-mile of the place, just like the place I'm in now. All mod cons, I tell you. ^_^

As for the food, phoenixalpha and I got together for lunch and did Chinese at the Bamboo Garden. Apparently neither Accountemps nor Manpower even wanted to talk to her until she came back with a resume, which struck me as pretty weird since she has no experience in the world of work. Well, maybe if you count the Reserve drills she did while in the Delayed Entry Program. I guess she'll be taking another stab at it tomorrow after she finishes writing the Great American Teenage Resume.

Meanwhile, the MTC found my hat. Yay!
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Get the message

Ignorance is no excuse.

Responding to an intemperate post by one Brian Gentile, Juan Non-Volokh quotes extensively from an e-mail by Volokh Conspiracy reader Steve Hamori in which Hamori basically says Leiter doesn't know WTF he's talking about when he says that Dubya is paving the way for fascism in America. Juan goes on to link to an excellent article by David Ramsay-Steele over at the Libertarian Alliance that examines the evolution of Mussolini from Marxist agitator to il Duce and of Fascism from heretic offshoot of Marxism to something very different. (There's a very useful analogy drawn in the article: Marxism is to Fascism as Catholicism is to Unitarianism, but in the interest of avoiding being talked to death by Unitarian jihadis I'll let the reader ponder the implications of that on his own. ^_^)

Also worth examining is a long post by Clayton Cramer in response to the above wherein Clayton explicitly links the "progressives" in America with the Fascist ideology.

Falangism has elements in common with Fascism, but the Catholic and explicitly nationalist elements of the ideology differentiate it rather strongly from the other forms of Marxism and syndicalism. It's pretty much a dead letter politically anyway.