June 20th, 2005


4th of July, Sheraton Bloomington

With no apologies to Bruce Springsteen or anybody else...

Father's Day was pretty uneventful, which is fine with me; unlike some former family members I don't get all excited over holidays pimped by Hallmark unless I'm getting the day off from the Evil Banking Neighbor. I slept in until about 1 PM as a result of previously mentioned futzing around with the new Ultravox CD, and as a result managed to show up for thaadd's Consuite meeting half an hour late. It would have been twenty minutes, but I overshot the coffeehouse and wound up having to navigate the twisty turny little streets of the neighborhood until I could get back on Central and line myself up for another go at it. I think I was the only grunt there; the rest of the folks (EV, some folks I vaguely recognized from Clay's party or from consuite last year, and danae, who managed to be even later than I was ;P) were all sub-heads, I think. Anyways, I read the amusing FAQ, got updated on the huge quantity of food & pop purchased, got briefed in on the likely candidates to succeed thaadd, and signed up for way too many hours in the Consuite. For example, on Saturday, if I am not doing one of the two comics panels I'm on that day, I'm either in the consuite or I'm home and asleep.

Which means I need to get the AD people who volunteered to help with the room party together so we can hash out who's going to do what when, because I probably won't be around to help much. Time to delegate!

After the meeting broke up, I went to Chipotle for dinner, Panera for dessert, and walked back to Our Lady of Lourdes for the 7 PM Mass. Sermon for the day was on Matthew 10:28, and a good (though brief) sermon it was; afterwards, home, where CDs waited to be put up for auction.
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