June 13th, 2005


Busy weekend, busy Monday

This is the day before the upload window closes, so I've actually had plenty of things to keep me busy, and that's why I haven't been spamming your friends pages with all kinds of linkagery and philosophizing. (Say "Thank you, Evil Banking Neighbor!")

The busy weekend was over way too soon. I was late to class Saturday morning (of course) but it went well anyway; was actually early to the Anime Detour meeting despite stopping at Jerusalems' for lunch, and wound up wrapping up the meeting in about 35 minutes. Then, of course, I hung around until 4 PM talking to acdragonmaster about SogenCon, and just nattering with stuckintraffik, danae, and tjstriker. Afterwards, I went home and hung out until phoenixalpha showed up, at which time we headed out to the rez for graduation dinner at the Casino. The Asian section of the buffet was especially good, with excellent bulgogi, General Tso's Chicken, and Tiger Pork; the shrimp and sweet potato pancakes, OTOH - not so good. For once, I eschewed the soup and avoided most of the usual starchy indulgences, although I did have both the flan and the strawberry pie. #^_^#

Sunday has been mostly covered in my previous post, except for MinneTokyo. We watched the last disc of Nurse Angel Komugi, which was funnier than the first disc, and the second disc of Princess Nine, which is really a teen drama that happens to have a girls' baseball team as its central plot device. I had an easier time buying into it when it was revealed that the main character, Ryo, only throws at 130 km/h (~80 mph) which is quite reasonable for a girl; I'd gotten the impression from somewhere that she had velocity like Randy Johnson, which blew the suspension on my disbelief. I re-borowed the first disc from Brian and will be watchign it as soon as I manage to catch up on the first disc of the Apolcalypse Arc in Revolutionary Girl Utena, which I was supposed to watch yesterday in connection with a discussion to be starting soon (if not already underway) on alt.fan.utena.

Now I need to go home, eat dinner, and finish designing a member of the Inquisition, er, Society of Leopold, for stuckintraffik's campaign.