June 10th, 2005


Give War A Chance

Last night's Social Studies Methods class was interesting thanks to the discussions - we're each taking one of the NCSS standards such as culture, power, technology, etc. and leading a discussion on how to teach the topic - since we got into culture, which thanks to religion and politics can be pretty tricky.

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And while we're talking about making lessons relevant, Ann Althouse links to a lesson on politicizing math courses. One good reason for not doing this? The last country that did this in a big way is now in the dustbin of history.

Hey, I remember that place!

One of the touristy things I did do while stationed in Germany was taking a day trip into France to see one of the Maginot Line fortresses. Oscar Madison went to the same one I did, Fort Hackenberg near Thionville. Check out the pictures! I really need to find my pix, get them organized, and get them online.
In the meantime, you can take a virtual tour of the Line.

Via Ann Althouse.