June 9th, 2005

dead wombat


Yeah...so after lecturing chebutykin on the virtues of sleep and not burning the candle at both ends, I downloaded Freeciv last night and was up until 2 AM bringing Spain into its usual place among European nations...backward, weak, and off in the corner. Stupid wombat, once again demonstrating that wisdom doesn't automatically accrue with age! ^^

In other news, the management sent us a nice little note reminding us that our lease is up as of August 30, and if we re-up for a full year they'll graciously reduce the rent to $799 from whatever insane amount they charge month-to-month renters, otherwise they want to know by the end of the month if we're planning on leaving. Consensus is that we will be, and to separate apartments; I want a place of my own, and so does Scott. Melody is correct that splitting a two-bedroom place would be cheaper, but they want to live in one of the Twin Cities and I don't. It's time for them to get out on their own and experience independent living in all its hideous complexity. So, I guess we'll be having a moving party at the end of August once we figure out where we're all going.

Finally, there's the Carnival of Gamers to look at as your Thursday chunk of linkagery.

UPDATE @1610: My man Cobb is on a roll. Start with the "Acting White" post and move on down to "Microsoft v. Google". Mmmm, tasty.
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dead wombat

More clerical matters

It seems pretty trivial next to what danae is going through right now, but I started the annullment process again yesterday after talking to the pastor at St. Edward's and the marriage tribunal in St. Paul. The tribunal confirmed that whatever paperwork had been done before, it hadn't made it into their files, so I get to start the process fresh. There's apparently an advocate at St. Edward's who's supposed to give me a call sometime this week, and we'll see what happens after that.

Not that I'm planning on getting married again any time soon, or going into the seminary after I finish with the MA program, but this is something I believe needs to be done for purposes of closure and having all the paperwork straight. There should be one part of my life like that. -_-