June 8th, 2005

dead wombat

Many and varied discontents

Got some things accomplished last night, but by and large it was a waste of time redeemed only by a long night's sleep, which I apparently needed since I feel a lot better this morning.
I did manage to get back into my St. Mary's Webtools account, which I had forgotten the password to, and pulled an article for tonight's presentation. Unfortunately the article looks like the most extensively documented piece of doubletalk in the history of academia - it reminds me entirely too much of the famous treaty referred to in Asimov's Foundation and Empire - but I can discuss it for fifteen minutes with my classmates, which is all I need to do.

Ranting about the home front follows...
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Less irritating, but still annoying: Nicollet Mall being closed, which forces all the buses that normally run there onto Hennepin. This was a bad idea, and maybe Metro Transit didn't have any good options, but it makes the 589 a non-factor for me while it's going on. The stops on Hennepin are all inconvenient for me and the paths to & from the Tower generally run through areas that are also under construction. So, I think that all things considered, I'm going to just drive over to midtown Bloomington and take the 597 in. It drops me off a block from work on 2nd, picks up there as well, and it seems I usually have to swing by the Cub on the way home these days anyway.
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Thinking about the singularity and the government

I swear, sometimes when I read a GVDL post like this I think that Steven den Beste has returned to warblogging, since the style is so similar...but GVDL is a Christian, and den Beste is decidedly not, so we can be pretty sure it's not SdB picking up the cudgel again. The post itself makes me think about things like this in the wider context of the Red State/Blue State meme that seems to be obsessing so many people since the 2004 elections.
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die now

For entirely too many of my LJ friends

The lj-cut tag is your friend, and it's my friend too. It bringeth brevity to long and gassy posts, which otherwise use up my friends page to the point where I see three posts per page. It's not that I don't want to know every detail of what you're doing (or willing to post; the rest of it has to wait for the shipment of nanowebcams I'm expecting from Dimension X RSN) because I do. I am drawn to the (Read more) link like a moth to the flame.

So use it, already!

P.S. And especially for memeage!
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