June 1st, 2005


The wages of being a dumbass...

...are sore feet and rushing to catch up on work that should have been done yesterday. See, I always unload my pockets before weighing in every week, and tend to stash my keys, comb, nail clipper, etc. in my desk while I go upstairs. (Yeah, we have WW At Work. It's almost too convenient.) Yesterday I did this, and forgot to stick my truck key back in my pocket, which became hideously apparent when I got off the 589 at St. Edward's and realized to my horror that the key was not in my pocket but still in my desk. At work. Downtown.

That pretty much blew my night. I spent the next four hours on buses, the LRT, more buses, and finally hiking for 30 minutes through the tangled development of Pointe Terrace from where the 539 dropped me off before I reached my truck. I suppose I could have called phoenixalpha and had her get Scott to come get me, but as far as I knew he was down to the gas he needed to get to work, so even if I'd had my cell phone I didn't think it was an option. As it was, I read most of Grant Moves South, familiarized myself with the strangeness of the 542 and 539 routes, and got in some good exercise, which I badly needed after succumbing to fatigue and hunger at the Sprawl. I made the mistake of eating at Long John Silver's - ah. let's be fair. The fish was good, the clams okay, and the hush puppies were actually pretty good...but the shrimp is awful and the cocktail sauce for the shrimp should be a hanging offense. Blech.

This morning I had to jump through my butt on arrival and crank out a couple of reports that were due yesterday but not done due to sloth, indolence and forgetfulness. It's strange, but I actually perform better when I have a lot of stuff on my plate, because then I don't slack off and forget about things that need to be done.
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Education, morality and social mobility

On my way back from the post office, I saw this flyer encouraging people to come out and protest the closing of UMn's General College, and by extension the oppression of poor and minority youth. Personally, I think the U is doing its part to end the oppression of the poor and minorities by getting rid of GC, whose sole purpose is to get students up to speed in various academic areas so they can actually do college-level work, but then I'm just an elitist Tio Taco according to these people...more philosophizing after the cut.
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It's that time of year again...

...and seniors are agonizing over who their prom date will be.

...and questionable advice is being dispensed to graduating seniors. (Put down whatever you're drinking. You'll thank me later.)

I don't remember very much about my senior prom aside from my date (who was radiant in a pale lemon chiffon dress), the theme, and the fact that it was at the Mayflower Hotel. Oh yeah, the food was actually okay. The one thing that stands out in my memory about that night is the promenade Sue and I made down the hall at the Sheraton Park to the Disclave consuite after we left the prom for more suitable entertainment. Dozens of stunned fans -dressed in all manner of medieval, Trek, and fanboy garb- stared in disbelief. It was all we could do to keep from laughing. ^___^

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