May 31st, 2005


Gee, what a surprise

Weighed in at almost 416 pounds, which is not much of a surprise considering how I gorged myself Friday night and how little exercise I got over the weekend. Nothing for it but to do a better job of journaling - and avoiding buffets, which are just bad for me. More walking and less eating this week.
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My life in the bush of fandom

Gacked from revolutionaryjo.

Current Fandoms: Anime, science fiction, apahacking, wargaming, and horror. I'm most active in anime and science fiction fandom, what with being on staff, or volunteering at most of the Twin Cities SF and anime conventions as well as Anime Iowa; I also contribute to the newsgroup on USENET and have published fanfic at both rec.arts.anime.creative and the Fan Fiction Flightdeck.
I'm still involved in StippleAPA, the sole surviving Twin Cities APA, and was for a time contributing to MinneAPA and APA-L.

First Fandom Ever: Science fiction, at the very beginning of my sophomore year of high school. The 1974 Worldcon started a nine-year run of frenetic convention attendance that was slowed by my Army service and eventually interrupted by the arrival of the children who would become jamestrainor & phoenixalpha... who have since been introduced to fandom themselves.

Most Recent Fandoms: The five listed above, plus Space: Above and Beyond. This has largely died out for me, since it's become obvious that Fox is never going to release the series on DVD or do anything else with the property. Bastards.

Five Fandoms that mean a lot to me: The five listed above. WRT gaming, I like RPGs, but I'm not really involved in the fandom surrounding it (does subscribing to the Traveller mailing list count?) and I don't even do wargames too much any more...I'm afraid SPI did indeed die for my sins, and took GDW with it.

Tag five people: No thanks. I'm giving that up for Ordinary Time, since Lent is long over.