May 24th, 2005

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Your morning fix of STAR WARS geekiness

Gary Farber has some excellent posts that explain why there were so many apparent continuity flubs in SW3. Start here and read down, even though that will start you at the end of the movie, because if you try and pick it up from the point Glenn Reynolds links to, you'll need to pop back to the home page of the blog and wade through two days worth of political stuff, and I'm not cruel enough to do that to my DFL friends. While you're there, do your part for the war on poverty and throw the poor guy a couple of bucks. He deserves it for the script extracts alone, imao, but he also links to a look at how things might have turned out if Steven Spielberg had directed Episode III.

Via the indispensable Instapundit.

The Bulge campaign, 2005

Well, today's weigh-in was better than I had feared it might be, but not as good as I'd hoped. I tipped the scales at 414.6 pounds. This is down a bit; the last time I stepped on a scale at Weight Watchers back in November of last year I weighed 417 pounds, and I had thought I might have put on a few pounds since then what with Christmas, various trips to Chinese buffets, and other opportunities to stuff myself. Still, I need a bit more discipline, and the Weight Watchers program will give me the structure I need. This is a good start to it.

UPDATE: Okay, I hadn't considered this diet.
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Friends and politics and politeness and all that

I was reading this post on a blog I'd never seen before, which I had reached through a link at Amritas-sensei's place. It made me think for a minute, after I got done feeling bad for her. I've never been in her shoes, so I've never really had that kind of experience, but I do have a notion of why she got into that mess. Philosophical stuff follows, feel free to move on to other stuff.
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Monkeys are like that. So are people.
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Libertarians and the Democratic Party

Ann Althouse posted a couple days back about Kos' complaint that the single-issue groups have strangled the Democratic Party, which needs to replace those pressure groups with a central organizing principle. She also quotes from Howard Dean on the issue, and I think it's worth noting that both Koulitsas and Dean both are complaining about NARAL and how the GOP has forced the Democrats into the arms of the abortion lobby.
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