May 23rd, 2005

The General

Little con on the prairie

Well, after stuckintraffik and I made the "mistake" of going to chebutykin's midnight screening of SW III: ROTS (belated shoutouts to cajones, davedujour, mesmericone, qob and a bunch of other people not on my friends list) we didn't get on the road to Marshall until about 10:30-11 AM and were further delayed by the need to stop by the Kinko's in Eden Prairie and reprint registration flyers, since I had stupidly left the ones I printed at work on my desk. We also needed to print off room party flyers, which we didn't actually use that many of, so now we have a buttload of expedient registration flyers and room party flyers. After that we stopped briefly at Wal-Mart and picked up pop and chips and dip for the room party. I also bought a Washington SenatorsNationals hat, which was not paid for by Anime Detour. My fiscal rectitude is pastede on, yay! Remainder hidden to spare those uninterested in my half-ass con report...
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We didn't get much of a feel for the convention, and I'm not willing to evaluate SogenCon on the basis of what other people told us. Both Kale and I got plenty of recognition from our guests who were at SogenCon as well as our members who were checking it out; we got some potential guest commitments along with the egoboo, a couple of potential staff members, and we got some flyers out there. All in all we had a good convention, so I'm not complaining. It would be good to be able to spend more time down there next year and get a better feel for how things were going, but this year there was too much else going on. I'm looking forward to hearing what other people had to say about it.
dead wombat

I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows...

The weekend had absolutely glorious weather, including the high winds. I think those are a good thing, bringing home to you the fact that you are on the Great Plains like nothing else does...the sun and the scudding cumuli and the wind and the temperature made me want to get back into the Sportage after unloading, drive out to some chunk of rural farmland, and just kick back for a few hours, watching the clouds roll by.

However, duty called. I was supposed to meet drunkenphlower and danae Sunday at 5 to talk about AD registration, but we hadn't picked a place and I hadn't heard from either one of them as of 3 PM on Sunday. Finally got hold of danae, who hadn't heard from drunkenphlower either, so we agreed to meet up at the Caribou over by the Sheraton, which we did, adjourning to the Sheraton itself when the Caribou closed at 6. It turned out that drunkenphlower had been called in to work (J, I just want to say for the record that your job sucks) and wouldn't be joining us, but we kicked around the registration stuff for a while, moved on to staff/volunteers philosophy, the sociology of the AD staff and resultant problems, and eventually the conversation degenerated into wankage about local fandom, which I have become a past master of since I know Entirely Too Much about the history of why local fandom is the way it is. At that point (8 PM) we both badly needed dinner, so we adjourned to Q. Cumbers which has the best salad bar outside the Skyroom at Dayton's, or whatever they're calling it this week. Salad and entrees ensued along with conversation on topics that are, frankly, none of y'all's business. We left about 9:30 and headed to our respective homes; maybe we'll get together on Friday for Utena. We'll see how the week goes; I have no social life, but she has too much of one, which is the variable here.

Of course, when I got home, I was unable to get to sleep until 1 AM, and I have balancing to do today. Urrrgh. I think I'm going to go pillage Taco Bell.
the mark

I, for one, welcome our new dancing robot masters.

I think I've reached the point at which my fatigue has totally destroyed my attention span.
Here we have an article on robots being used to preserve traditional dances in Japan, via a pondering of the eternal question regarding Japan and robots, by way of this piece by Michael Ubaldi on a Japanese mecha (not ready for mass production, apparently) which Steven denBeste definitely needs to maintain his primacy among anime warbloggers. ^^

Follow-up: Social mobility in America

King Bananian, an econ professor at St. Cloud State, talks some more about the social mobility issue I posted on last week. King has a few interesting charts and a good analogy by Joseph Schumpeter, who is probably best known for the "creative destruction" meme. What I particularly like is his point that changes in technology can positively affect social mobility even in situations where the income gap between the richest and the poorest Americans is increasing.