May 20th, 2005

the mark

The long view

The father of Dyson Spheres, ringworlds, and Esther Dyson gave an interview to Stewart Brand a few years back in Wired. It's still interesting reading, if only because Freeman Dyson has such a different point of view than most of the people - even most of the SF fans - you run into.

Via Cobb.
The General

On the road again

So stuckintraffik and I will be heading out for SogenCon tomorrow morning after staying up way too late for a midnight showing of ROTS.The hotel has wireless in the rooms, so I may post tomorrow, though I expect to be busy with the room party, checking out the convention, and dinner with John from Fast Food Anime, who will be there in the Dealer's Room.

Locals making the trip include chibitoaster, who will be flogging art, tokenfanboy, who is going down to see kirikayumura (aren't we all? ^^) and acdragonmaster, who has apparently been roped into working on staff. ^_^ I don't know if revolutionaryjo or willow_one or any of the MAS crowd are going; my impression is that they pretty much blew all their energy, cash and health points on ACen, but I could be wrong. We shall see what we shall see; of course, anyone that makes it down there is, of course, invited to the room party.