May 16th, 2005

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We weren't originally planning to do this, but stuckintraffik and I are planning on going down to Marshall on Saturday and throwing a room party at the Comfort Inn, which is about ten blocks east of where SogenCon is being held. We're going to have some registration flyers, talk to guests and artists, see how things are going. If you're planning on being down there, drop by, say hi and soak up some pop so we don't have to lug it home. ^_^;;;;

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That's how we do it nowadays

The weekend was busy, with lots of stuff getting done and a reasonable amount of fun; despite changes in peoples' work schedules and some indolence, still managed to do the following:
-Do major grocery shopping (Saturday night on account of Scott working most of Saturday and me sleeping in on Saturday morning)
-Get the broadband paid for
-Run the AD meeting with reasonable efficiency
-Cover most of the necessary topics at the Board meeting, although the issue of social meetings didn't come up and will have to be saved for next meeting
-Get the laundry done, by dint of commandeering phoenixalpha's laundry card
-Paid for my CONvergence membership
-Found my reading textbook from last year, saving myself the $43 a new one would cost
-Mailed out the two CDs people bought off me on eBay.

So in spite of being a slothful and indolent slug on Sunday, and a meat puppet on Saturday, I got plenty done over the weekend. Which means I feel pretty good about it. Next weekend isn't going to be quite as productive on account of the day trip to SogenCon, but that'll be convention business and therefore cool.
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More posts about Social Security and pensions

Stanley Kurtz has a few things to say about the current private sector pension crunch, which I posted about previously -and see digex's comments thereto; he's run a few companies and knows whereof he speaks. Kurtz links to columns by George Will and John Tierney, as well as a Katherine Stone piece in the WaPo which Kurtz argues actually supports the President's drive to reform OASI as it argues that with all the private-sector pension plans going sour we don't dare mess with Social Security.

We have actually seen this sort of mess before. As a long-time shareholder of Westmoreland Coal, I know more than I ever wanted to learn about UMW pension benefits, pneumoconiosis, and other things that nearly sank WLB. Before Westmoreland, the various steel companies that went toes-up in the 1970s and 80s experienced the same problems, and now the airlines are about to shuffle down that particular ramp. There are some common features in all these failures: defined-benefit plans, unions that hosed their new members in order to placate retirees, and companies that really didn't know how to function in a regulatory & economic environment where the rules had changed, knocking them off the top of the pile. The only reason we didn't see this sort of thing with K-Mart is that retailers usually don't have a lot of people sticking with the company long enough to qualfy for pensions to begin with. Qwest retirees, on the other hand, can tell you all about this sort of nonsense.

As digex said in his comments to the original post, this is fraud and should be punished accordingly. In my opinion what's sauce for the corporate geese should be sauce for the Congressional gander as well.

1977 and other holes in my memory

I could identify with Michele's tale of the summer of 1977 up to a point, since things looked very different from my end of I-95...which in those days just petered out in the middle of Washington over by RFK, but that's another story.
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It occurs to me that one good reason for keeping an LJ is so I'm not looking back at today from 2031 wondering WTF I was doing and having to consult Billboard's Top 40 lists to figure out what music I was listening to...because in 2004 that would be no help at all, y'know.
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