April 27th, 2005

The General

Public service announcement

Yo, artists! (Or friends of artists!)

A couple of folks I know are looking for artwork - Rick Gellman is in need of a T-shirt design for this year's Diversicon. Theme: "The Evolution Will Not Be Televised". Last I heard, Diversicon was paying $50 up front plus $1 commission on each T-shirt sold and a free copy of the shirt.

edminster is also looking for art, but he wasn't too specific about what he was looking for, so you'll have to ask him.

Last but not least, this convention that I happen to be chairman of is also looking for art: badge designs, fillos for the program book, cover art for the program book, stuff like that. Program book cover (4-color max) pays $125, fillos (b/w, 3"x 5" maximum size) $25. Badge designs negotiable. Next year's theme is "You Can't Handle The Catgirls!"; suitably twisted anime renditions of scenes from A Few Good Men, Full Metal Jacket, and Alien gratefully accepted.
Boss Coffee

Still not the Evil Overlord

Still studying this handy list of advice. One of these days it'll come in handy. *nods nods*

Today has been agonizingly slow, lacking in work, and overcast besides. I've filled the time by paying off a couple of medical bills using my pre-tax health savings account, updating my checkbook, and brooding over next semester's classes. Somehow, in spite of having lugged home three copies of the summer catalog, I couldn't find a single one in the apartment this morning. Not only that, the winter catalog I do have is missing its registration card, and is therefore useless.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. I did manage to get auto insurance (through Progressive), for only $16/month more than I was paying Allstate, and it's set up as an automatic deduction so I don't have to worry about brain farts costing me my coverage again. I also managed to get a decent amount of sleep last night, though I notice I'm still doing a lot of tossing and turning. No help for that, I guess. Tonight's the hotel meeting, and I'm expecting to come out of that with a good solid two-year deal that sets out clear expectations on both sides. We're going to book the whole hotel this time, and there will be overflow room blocks set up at the two nearby hotels; after consulting with the hotel staff, we should be able to use the space more efficiently and decrease the hall cloggage, which means if we do in fact get a warm body count of 2000 or more we'll still be able to move around comfortably without having to use Security to bust up clots of people in the main hallway upstairs. Having the courtyard open should help the traffic flow, too.