April 25th, 2005

dead wombat

Entirely too busy

Today I'm meeting windelina for lunch to talk about teaching certification courses (where exactly are we going for lunch, Windy?), tonight and tomorrow night I'm getting together with drunkenphlower to try and wrap up the 501(c)(3) application, Wednesday night there's a hotel contract meeting and Saturday is Moving Day for the ATC storage locker. Which leaves Thursday to do laundry and maybe, just maybe, catch up on sleep.
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dead wombat

Stalking the wily auto insurance

Allstate cancelled the policy on the Sportage, which is my own fault - had a brain fart last month and forgot to send them a check, and this weekend they sent me a check with the cancellation notice. Now I'm finding out just how far the other companies will bend you over when you have two at-fault accidents in the last five years. Ouch.

In other news, the Volunteer Party went pretty well. We had a pretty good turnout even though the original e-mail notice apparently got whacked by a lot of folks' anti-virus software (how'd that virus get into a gmail account anyway?) and next year we'll just plan a little further ahead so we'll be able to tell the volunteers where & when it'll be before the end of the convention. I could whine about the reservation snafu that put us into two widely separated rooms instead of the adjoining rooms we thought we had, but it all worked out okay so I won't bother.

Spent Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing all day until the evening when phoenixalpha and I went to drop Scott off at the Sprawl and then floundered around East Bloomington looking for the new Cub. Once we found it we wished we hadn't; the layout is weird and there aren't any self-checkout lanes to redeem it, unlike the one in Crystal. Got home, unpacked groceries, went to bed and was unable to sleep until 0130. Dammit.

Addendum: In case you were wondering how the HALO session Friday night went, well, as usual I got my head handed to me. People are beginning to comment on the fact that although I am probably the worst HALO player on staff I nonetheless enjoy playing the game in groups quite a bit. I don't think it's weird at all. When there're five or six people in play (especially if we're using Juggernaut rules) things get pretty interesting, especially on a big map. In addition to the normal fun, we also introduced jamestrainor to the house rules concerning vehicles in Slayer: first person to climb aboard a vehicle becomes a target for everybody else, and when you have five other people unloading on you, the armor on a Wraith isn't nearly thick enough. ^^
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