April 21st, 2005

the mark

I needed that

I took the day off yesterday to attend contract negotiations for Anime Detour 2006/2007 (I want to get 2007 nailed down so my successor has one less thing to worry about) and just decompress in general. The decompression went okay, the contract negotiations also okay but not in the way I originally expected - we had somehow fallen off Dave Anderson's calendar and he was off meeting with the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau instead of talking to us about the terms for the two-year deal we want. So Rick, Ron, and I sat around talking about NoBrandCon until drunkenphlower showed up, at which point we talked about stuff we wanted done differently in the new contract. We also were fortunate enough to have Mark, the T-bird's chief engineer, wander by. He had a lot of good ideas, especially on someplace to rent the UHF walkie-talkies we were looking at so we wouldn't have to pay a couple of kilobucks to buy radios, license and train people. Dave eventually showed up and we got to talk to him for a few minutes before a staff meeting, during which we re-scheduled for next Wednesday night. He did give us some useful advice on dealing with the Sheraton, which I'm going to put to good use.

After that, I went home, did laundry, played a lot of C2P, and just chilled out. All in all, a good day off.
the mark

Ouch. I had that coming.

Mark Shea has some words of wisdom for those of us who have been having too much fun at the expense of the modernists among us. Yes, they have been saying some remarkably silly things...but wishing they would leave and not get the doorknob wedged in their ass really ain't right. As Mark points out, we should be wishing they would stay, come to realize that it's not the Church and its teaching that are the problem, and take appropriate action to reform themselves.

Originally found while being amused at this picture, which was linked from this post which was mainly a reaction to a MoDo column today.

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