April 18th, 2005

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Awkward questions

Cobb has a few things to say about race after his return from the Big Easy. (I've linked to the first post; read up for the other two and the comic strips.) I find it a lot easier to deal with than the white guilt trip laid down in the race relations class a couple winters back, because he's talking to everyone. Not just the white folks, not just the blacks. Part of the deal is that there's been a whole lot of blending and mixing going on and a lot of different cultures thrown into the mix so it's not just about skin color, not that it ever really was.

Cobb also riffs on the topic of politics, and some of his references won't make a lot of sense unless you got deeper into black history than MLK Jr. and the other stuff that gets a once-over-lightly every February, as if black history began and ended with the Civil Rights Struggle. People in general need a better understanding of how the black elites developed during the late 19th and early 20th century, what was up with the Tuskegee Machine and the Talented Tenth, and why Harlem was more than just some run-down slum on Manhattan Island. To say nothing of the Tenth Cavalry.

Dumb. Just dumb.

I am informed that some idiot at CNN thinks it would be a good idea for the Pope to be chosen by popular vote, and actually polled people about this. The good news is out of the ten people they showed on the tube, only one thought it was a good idea.

Personally, I think it would be suitable revenge on the American news media if Cardinal Ratzinger and the lads took a variety of smoke grenades into the Sistine Chapel so they could mess with the talking heads..."Geraldo, we're seeing...purple smoke?"

Update OTOH, Father Neuhaus' Rome Diary is very much worth reading, and not merely for his snarky comment on the recent wedding of Prince Charles. (Via Professor Bainbridge. Come for the snark, stay for the analysis! ^_^)
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FrankenNet update

The author of South Park Conservatives opines on why Air America has been such a miserable failure.

Via Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Instapunk has some comments of his own on the Air America debacle, though they're an afterthought to an excellent takedown of Harry Shearer and NPR, to say nothing of Noam Chomsky. I-punk also explains BURP: the Borrowed Universal Respect Privilege. You've seen BURP in action before, and now you have a name for it.

From the ever-useful Michelle.

50 ways to die, most of them depressingly similar

I probably should have known better, considering how little sleep I got last night, but after dinner tonight I did a couple of deathmatches with phoenixalpha, who proceeded to run the table on me (so to speak), 50-13, and it really wasn't even that close. Aside from the age difference and fatigue, she's obviously been putting in a fair amount of time learning how to shoot on the move. She looks a lot like Scott, as a matter of fact, jumping around a lot and moving in circles around the target.

Towards the end of the second match she said encouragingly, "You're getting better," to which I replied, "This is not 'getting better'. Smack talk I don't mind so much, but don't lie to me." Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at her, since I'm sure she meant well, but I'd rather have her be honest with me and tell me I suck rather than lie to me so I feel better about it. Yeah, I know. I'm weird.
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