April 4th, 2005


Monday morning linkagery

Cobb doesn't think Sin City is all that.

Ann Althouse is looking for the right bathroom, preferably one without a pre-op transexual in it.

Powerline links to a Jonathan Last critique of the Washington Post analysis of JP2's reign. Short version: WaPo, like the rest of the MSM, still has its head up its butt when it comes to the Church. As if that weren't enough, Big Trunk serves up a savage beatdown of the Senate's last Klansman and some gratitude for John Paul II.

Mitch Berg, bored with fisking Nick Coleman and Air America, eagerly awaits the Huffington Report's debut.

Last but not least, Captain Ed is Banned In Canada! (What free speech rights, eh?)
Boss Coffee

Occasional death this weekend, with scattered funerals throughout the week...

I don't really have much to say about the death of the Pope; most of what I would normally have said has been already covered by all manner of bloggers and pundits, some of whom are amusing themselves by ridiculing the MSM for not being able to see past their own agendas. As if everything was about politics. There are things in this world that transcend politics, and as the head of the Church, the Pope was and is one of those things. When he spoke, people listened, and among his accomplishments was teaching the last of Stalin's heirs just how many divisions the Pope has, and on what field they fight most effectively. I find it amusing that the Evil Banking Neighbor is offering counseling to those overcome by grief at his death; there will be a funeral, and then there will be another Pope. Life, and the Church, go on regardless of one individual's death, even when that individual is the Pope.

Closer to home, the head of Fixed Assets died over the weekend, which shocked me; Paul was only 54. His wake and funeral mass are to be held in New Ulm, which means I can't get to either one of them - the wake is from 5-8 tonight and the Mass is at 1030 tomorrow. That annoys me; we got along well, and I wanted to pay my respects. I'll miss him.

On a more cheerful note, Scott and I had little trouble loading chebutykin's old computer desk into the Sportage. We didn't get to chat much, since she was in the throes of home rebuilding, but cajones and I talked shop for a while until he had to get back to work. He also showed the Grayson trailer to Scott and me, and we were very impressed. Too bad we'll never see the movie - or movies; there was too much going on in that trailer for just one movie. We then headed home by way of the storage area, since Scott wanted to borrow the contraband ironing board, and much furniture moving ensued. As luck would have it, when I reassembled the desktop system (after ridding it of some obsolete cables) the keyboard refused to work; the evidence suggests that it's the PS2 jack that's screwed. Guess I need to price a PS2-to-USB converter at Radio Shack, since I don't want to pay $40-50 for a USB kibo. Thus it was that the tax prep was delayed again, along with the papers...and I wound up fiddling with C2P since I couldn't get to sleep until 0230. Bah.

Them ol' played-out I/O card blues

Well, it looks like the keyboard jack on my desktop isn't the only thing screwed up...managed to get logged into Windows but couldn't get the touchpad to work. So I guess it's back to Radio Shack tomorrow for another PS2/USB adapter, since I have one USB jack left on the hub. Be interesting to see how that works...I suspect that I'll either be taking the P-Machine into the shop for some work or just biting the bullet and picking up a new desktop.

Of course, this kept me from doing taxes (again) and working on papers, since in spite of Cowzilla's awesome capabilities the keyboard is not all that when it comes to doing a lot of writing. Especially because the Y key is temperamental. So instead of doing that, I camped out in front of the X-Box with Scott and Melody and got all shot up...one round in Lockout (bad), one in Ascension (very bad) and one in Ivory Tower (pretty good). Melody needs a lot of work with the shotgun but is wall-to-wall deadly with the sniper rifle, beam rifle, and battle rifle; I'm getting good with the plasma rifle and grenades. Mr. Grenade is always my friend. ^^ Scott, of course, is pretty good with all the weapons but is especially obnoxious with the energy sword.

I suppose I could probably do my taxes on paper this year, but being able to deduct the cost of the software as tax prep expense gives me a warm feeling of getting over.
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