April 3rd, 2005


Caught in the draft

I stayed up until 4 AM working on my lists for Saturday morning's draft. Didn't get all the pitchers done, and didn't get the outfielders done at all, but nonetheless I managed to pick up a good team, one that should be in contention and possibly even win it all. Remainder hidden behind the cut to spare friends not into baseball.
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Boss Coffee


Maybe if I write this down often enough, I'll actually start remembering it: I cannot stay up late any more and still function the next day, late being defined as past 2 AM. As it was, staying up late to finish my draft lists after going to see Sin City (which was great, BTW, go read Cheb's review, which I endorse without reservation) pretty much killed me. I was able to get up, do a competent job of drafting, get down to MCAD for the annual meeting and the post-mortem, but on the way home I just died. I had no energy at all and barely managed to get undressed before falling into bed and sleeping for over twelve hours*, interrupted only by a call from Josh which I barely recall. I think I was coherent, but wouldn't bet money on it.

So today I need to tend to all the things I was going to do yesterday evening, such as doing my taxes and laundry and maybe some shopping, as well as heading up to Arkham Asylum with Scott to pick up chebutykin's used computer desk so I can quit using this crappy old thing I've been making do with since I moved out here. Maybe there will be HALO tonight. Maybe not.

*Make that eleven hours. Damn this Daylight Savings Time!
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