March 28th, 2005

Boss Coffee

Minicon 40 After Action Report

You know things have changed when someone cracks the joke, "This is the worst CONvergence ever!" and the con chair takes it as a good-natured compliment...actually, the real first sign was when Greg Ketter and Lisa Freitag made the rounds of the local SF conventions, inviting all the fans who had felt crapped on by the HRMP a decade ago* to come back. The second sign was the con committee announcing that they were going to do some things that hadn't been done at Minicon in a while, namely, a video room and some programming devoted to anime and manga. Those panels (one on Hayao Miyazaki and another on graphic novels v. manga) were well attended, but the anime/video room suffered from the fact that since I was running the anime part of the program and wasn't really able to do much until Detour was over, I couldn't settle on a list of videos until it was too late to get the schedule into the program book, and so attendance was spotty. Maybe next year.

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So was it worth the $35? Yeah, probably, if for no other reason than seeing the handful of MNSTF members I actually don't mind seeing, plus the added benefit of being able to hang out and watch a buttload of anime on a big screen. I might do it again next year if Greg asks. We'll see.

Addendum: This is also worth looking at. Many pictures.

*Some idea of the impact of the HRMP on Minneapolis fandom can be found here.