March 22nd, 2005

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This is no way to start the day. My supervisor informs me that we're going to have to re-run the final invoices because some incompetent asswipes didn't check their reject reports after they tried to load their billing files using a non-standard method, which of course blew up in their faces since they couldn't be bothered to ask us for help when they put the file together. They asked the systems programmer, who has never done a billing file upload in his life and has no clue how it's done. He aggravated things by not telling us what was going on until they'd already blown up.

So now my former boss is saying "it's a big file, we need to re-run the invoices". This is the third month in a row we've had to jump through our ass to save somebody's bacon because they couldn't be bothered to do their fecking jobs, after five years of telling people they were SOL if they missed the upload deadline or got their files all screwed up. We are apparently moving from a robust work system that relies on the users knowing what they're supposed to do and doing it to a weak system that requires us to practically hold their wangs while they pee and wipe their asses for them because apparently they're too incompetent to follow the procedures, which are not all that damn complicated. Christ, my dog could do the job these people do, and he's a pile of ashes in a cardboard box!

I hate my former boss, because he has no balls. I hate his boss, the Controller, because he bends over for every damn finance manager in this bank without standing up once for his troops. On top of all that, I have a cold. Damn it.
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