March 21st, 2005

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Federalism and Terri Schiavo

People who accuse Republicans of playing politics with Ms. Schiavo are guilty of of superficial analysis, the kind that makes Maureen Dowd and her sophomoric scribblings so consistently irritating. At the root of that analysis is the doubt that people really do things for moral reasons rooted in an ethos that springs from religion. No, everything happens for cynical political reasons, say the skeptics. Evil Dark Lord Rove is just jerking the strings of them ignorant Bible-thumping rednecks again in his eternal quest for souls votes, they say.

Well...some of us do believe that a helpless woman should be treated with slightly more consideration than a murderer on Death Row. Others see important issues of federalism and civil rights. Either way, while there may indeed be some worthless scum who are mining this for political gold, there are a lot more people who are trying to keep this woman from being starved to death because it's the right thing to do.
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"Wombat, you dumbass!"

I can't believe I forgot that last week's Assessment class was the last one. I can't believe I allowed myself to forget that, and so drove in to work today, wasting $11 that I could have better spent on other things.

So now I'm going to be stuck here until six, because I really don't want to deal with the rush hour traffic...aaah, this doth suck greatly.
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The new Trekkies?

This weekend I talked briefly with Greg Ketter about Minicon stuff, since I'm going to be running Minicon's anime/video room and appearing on a couple of panels. During the conversation I commented that anime was "the new Star Trek", which got the desired chuckle because we're both old enough to remember what happened to SF fandom when Star Trek came along. In context that was funny/amusing, but in a broader sense it's profoundly wrong..."Yes, but also, no," to quote Admiral Horii from Fire In A Faraway Place.
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A lot of food for thought. It's going to be interesting, watching this at close range over the next few years.
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Speaking of greasy organizational stuff

Staff post-mortems are scheduled for 7 PM Thursday March 24 and 1 PM Saturday April 2, in the usual place: Room 140 @ MCAD. See the site for directions.

The ATC Annual Meeting, which was postponed from Sunday of the convention, will be at noon, April 2, immediately preceding the meeting. Eligible voters should make an effort to show up or at least send a proxy with someone who is; if you're not sure whether or not you're an eligible voter, then you definitely aren't since tjstriker sent out notices this past weekend. Sign-in sheets are your friend.