March 17th, 2005


St. Patrick's Day

I'm not wearing green today, since I spent a good part of my life wearing green whether I wanted to or not, and it seems like a stupid affectation anyway. I have Irish genes, and that better be good enough.

Finally got a decent eight hours of sleep last would have been more, but my Big Ben can't seem to accept that more than ten hours of sleep is okay. Every time I want to go to bed around 1900 and get up at 0500, the alarm goes off when I wind it up and pull the pin to set it, which means I either have to rely on the clock radio, which I haven't used in about a year since it failed me during a power outage, or stay up past 2000 so I can get up at 0600. What a pain. Anyhow, I stayed up and ate dinner (the jalapeno cheese cup ramen leaves much to be desired) and read e-mail and browsed the forums at before crashing.

While reading e-mail I came across one from one of my staffers that really set me off. I tore into it, dissecting it paragraph by paragraph - and sometimes sentence by sentence - until I'd finished with it, at which time I sat back and said to myself, "Dude, you're using a tac nuke in a knifefight." I stashed the draft for later use and wrote a shorter reply instead that was, I hope, less incendiary and destructive. Guess we'll see.

Your daily dose of linkagery is courtesy of Mitch Berg, who has no dog in the Ulster fight on account of being German and all, but who enjoys laying the smackdown on local columnist, idiot, and blogger whipping-boy Nick Coleman. Nick had the poor judgment to blather about his pro-IRA sympathies on the air once, and Mitch recalls a certain U2 concert during the "Rattle and Hum" tour...

And they have the nerve to complain about the VRWC?

Ryan Sager tells how the "grass-roots movement" is one of the biggest scams perpetrated on America since the McCain campaign Ponzi Scheme. Maybe we need to break up a few of these "charitable trusts" that can't seem to keep from trying to lock the rest of us out of politics - for our own good, of course.

Via Instapundit. Link to Sager's video is available on his blog.

Public transit and its woes

I see in the Fish Wrapper of the Twin Cities (hey, it was a copy on the bus, it's not like I paid for it) that the Met Council is looking at cutting service and raising fares again, which is the same successful strategy that has improved ridership on other mass transit systems around the country.

A couple days back, P.J. O'Rourke took a snarky look at the problems with mass transit; Clayton Cramer takes a more serious tack in his essay.

Locally, there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about it, except for the fellow at Residual Forces who is using it as a call to arms against the Met Council and draws an analogy to the UN which I think is a little weak...the Met Council may be a bunch of unelected drones spending our sewage money on dubious smart growth notions, but at least they're not out raping children in the Congo. We can give them that much credit, folks. I digress, however. I think Clayton Cramer is right: the mass trnasit systems in too many cities have become just another jobs program for the unions. Repealing the bans on jitneys would help, as would facing the fact that for many of us out here in suburbia, the express bus is a convenience, not a necessity.