February 27th, 2005


Every little bit helps

Going to chebutykin and stark0228's joint birthday party at the Sheraton last night was a very, very good idea, even though I stayed up way too late and ate far too many sugary things. It was good to just hang out with people who aren't involved with the convention and just talk about random stuff, find out who the people are behind vorrant and mle292 (who was amusing, since she was afflicted with laryngitis) and especially lexinatrix, who is far more cute than her LJ icon would seem to indicate. windelina was also there, telling hilarious stories about the high school kids she's working with, including one about kissing that almost had me passing Diet Coke through my nose. (I coughed it out instead, narrowly missing Amanda* who had just arrived. O, the embarrassment!) It was good and good for me, even if I had to drive Eric home since I made him miss the bus from Southdale. He got to pump me for information on manga and anime, so it was a fair exchange.

EDIT How the heck could I forget qob and 433? OMG, my memory really is going.

Today I rose late, got to the badging party late, and was sent for Chinese to the Village Wok in Dinkytown since I was the only one not doing anything. Never again, even though the convention paid for the parking. The cruising around for 15 minutes looking for parking filled me with rage, which was not where I wanted to be, and it took me a while to calm down after I picked up the food.

Now I'm back home and Lord, am I tired. I should just pack it in and go to sleep and do the school things tomorrow. I can skim through Popham and come up with ten decent questions for the final, or at least ten mediocre ones.

*Not acdragonmaster, the other one from CVG.