February 25th, 2005



So much for good intentions. The alarm went off at 0500, and I promptly rolled over to reset it for 0600...but was so slow & logy on rising that I gave the last 597C a miss and took the 7:35 bus in from Normandale Village. That still got me into work 20 minutes early, so I've made up my time from yesterday.

Today I will give the programming grid a good thrashing and hopefully finish it.

Seasonal self-indulgence

The third Megatokyo collection is out, and I picked mine up from B&N (after special-ordering it) along with that other rite of spring, the Sporting News Fantasy Baseball guide. I'll probably also spring for this year's edition of The Baseball Prospectus, which was invaluable last year in helping me select some good pitchers and outfielders when injury took out several of my starters.

I also passed on the Subway salmon this week and went down to the Bamboo Garden for a suitably fried Friday lunch: fried rice, fried shrimp, and fried wontons, all in accordance with the Law of the Fish. Since my blood sugar is going to take enough of a beating from the fried rice, I passed on the sweet & sour sauce. Especially since I'd given in to temptation and bought a box of Girl Scout cookies...mmm, peanut butter. That's going to be my last one for the season, though.
My wallet and my pancreas can only take so much.

Not so much progress on the grid, since the morning has featured a bunch of minor tweaks to spreadsheets and major beating on another one. Ye gods, actual work to do.

Thinking about the draft

Philosophizing about fantasy baseball follows.
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So, once Anime Detour is over, I'll be poring over the three-year average stats, making my lists, and checking them several times between now and draft day. I did pretty well last year and intend to finish "in the money" again this year.