February 24th, 2005

The General

Minnesota's first Baptist Anime convention


Went over to the Thunderbird and talked about rooms with Kendra, who is filling in for Bev while the latter is on enforced medical leave. As it happens, we had more requests for suites than we had actual suites to hand out, so some people are going to be disappointed. We gave priority to people who wanted to throw room parties, since the remaining suites were in the Non-Detachable Party Saucer Section, and that made the decision about who got short-sheeted a lot easier. We also made some decisions regarding the programming spaces - basically, the three rooms that were going to be programming venues during the day and gaming venues at night have been redesignated as one programming venue and two gaming venues.

We also did away with the dance. This was partially due to the fact that we were looking at a lot of setup/teardown work late on Friday and Saturday night and more of the same in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, but mainly due to the fact that despite being approached by several aspiring DJs, NONE of them ever sent in a bid or proposal, and at this point I'm saying the hell with it. Next year, people, don't wait until the end of February to get your proposals in - send me a damn e-mail in August, okay? Go dance in the DDR party, people.

Aside from making decisions like that, it went pretty well. I'll post my notes on the AD forum later for the benefit of staff, and the meeting this weekend should be interesting as a result. Tonight, finishing the program book and the programming grid. Whee.
The General

Okay, this ain't gonna work.

I had hoped to get some work done on the programming grid and the program book, but the best I was able to do was re-do the grid to reflect changes made at today's hotel meeting. tokenfanboy is going to tweak the video room lines since there are some last-minute changes to the video programming...some of the stuff we wanted to show, it turns out nobody has copies and we can't get them from Best Buy or the other local vendors. We could probably have them drop-shipped in via UPS or FedEx, but since we got stuff from the distributors we didn't ask for, we can pencil that into the schedule instead, and it's all good.

So since I have to get up at 0500 to catch the early bus in and make up the time I missed yesterday because of the Kia's battery dying on me at the Thunderbird (I will write 100 times, "Shut off the headlights before leaving the truck.") which kept me from getting in until 2 PM. You'd think I was a regular wage slave paid by the hour instead of a salaried lackey of the Evil Banking Neighbor. Nothing for it but to eat my gruel and mutter at my LJ.
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