February 22nd, 2005

The General

A momentary lull

Usually the day we run finals is pretty slow around here, but today it was just no end of busy...until this afternoon, when the flow of work just stopped. I do have something I can pick away at, but Friday's lethargy has returned. I recognize this as a symptom of all the stress, but there's not a lot I want to do about it until the convention is over and I can just kick back, stop worrying about anything besides schoolwork, and enjoy looking at the sports page for a change, now that pitchers and catchers have reported.

We have a couple of items to send out yet to our members, a "Welcome to Anime Detour" e-mail from Yr. Humble Chief Burrowing Marsupial and a postcard from Registration informing people that we did in fact get their money, their check did not bounce, and they can come on down and get their badges any time after 10 AM, March 11th.
I'm hoping to get both of those done late this week after the program book is done and the T-shirts are ordered.