February 21st, 2005


I was expecting this, but not so soon.

Hunter Thompson is dead. Apparently he offed himself, which was the part that didn't surprise me, although in some ways it's a wonder he lasted as long as he did considering the amount of drugs and booze he poured into his body. As Lileks points out, he was a writer of tremendous talent and savage dislikes, and I enjoyed him tremendously in spite of his being on the other side of the political fence. RIP, Hunter.

[Update Dominic Nguyen's rant for today leads off with some comments about Hunter Thompson, who Dom remembers mainly as a sportswriter. I was never sure whether HST was putting us all on with his insistence that his main line was sports, and the political stuff was just something he was doing for the money, but as Colby Cosh points out, he often used sports to express his revulsion for the common man. Anyhow, it is what Thompson did for ESPN.com most recently, writing the Hey Rube column and doing his usual erratic but often excellent job. Dom made me feel old...which is weird because HST was no contemporary of mine; hell, he's only five years younger than my mother. He sure seemed that way sometimes, though.]

Speaking of dead people, Scott stayed home yesterday and watched all of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the fodder for a million AMV. Melody and I sat in on the last episode and the movies (Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion) which were...just bad. NGE is regarded as a seminal work of anime, though in a lot of ways it brought nothing new to the genre aside from some very screwed up kids in the protagonists' roles. phoenixalpha's take on it is that we're cheering for the wrong side all through the movie, and considering how flat-out evil and depraved many of the adults are in NGE, it's hard to argue with her. The only adult who seems to actually care about anyone else is Misato, and she's an alcoholic, orphaned mess herself. So it's pretty easy to understand why a lot of anime producers have taken the basic story line and rung changes on it to bring some semblance of a happy ending to a miserable, sad series.

Today is reserved for laundry, writing, and some errands before I go to class tonight with my assessment in my hand - a week late, but improved.

Gizmos gone astray

So I found the thumb drive by virtue of going into town today and writing up the test I needed to hand in for class. It was stuck in the work box, right where I'd left it on Friday. Unfortunately, the Palm Pilot has now gone missing, and I wonder if I did something dumb like leave it at MCAD after the meeting on Sunday. Ah, you know the stress is starting to get to you when you're having these little memory lapses...

I finally got around to watching the rest of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH! this past weekend. Spoilers follow. Collapse )
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