February 20th, 2005

The General

Not a good weekend to misplace the thumb drive.

Worse yet was that I didn't realize it had gone astray until I was packing up the laptop for Sunday's Board meeting, which was followed immediately by the weekly AD staff meeting. So, I wasn't able to give people definite answers on how many programming slots we had available, which was a minor pain in the ass.

Other than that, and the inconvenience of coping with the snow Saturday night and Sunday, it was a pretty good weekend. I did get my apazine finished in time for the collation, but unfortunately the collation conflicted with a previously scheduled security meeting, so I guess this zine will just have to wait for the next collation. Whee. As for the convention, we're clicking along pretty well. We'll have the program book ready for the printers this week as well as the T-shirts, and we can pick away at the other details between now and the next meeting.

Now it is late and I have to fall over, for tomorrow will be very very busy.