February 17th, 2005


Friction points

Somewhere in my big stack of games I have a "modern" (1980s) game depicting a hypothetical battle in the Fulda Gap between attacking Soviet & Warsaw Pact forces on one side and defending American/West German forces on the other. The game used a concept called "friction points", which each unit accrued when it moved or fought. Once a unit had spent all its friction points it could no longer move or fight, and if attacked simply vaporized.

I feel like I'm staggering around with one of those big white-on-black markers on top of my head, because I have zero energy at the moment. Tired, apathetic, unmotivated...if I had brains, I would have called in sick. Since I didn't, I'm just vegging here at the keyboard, waiting for the heavy weight of that "5" marker to fade a little bit. And to think, this is how I feel at lunch after half a Diet Coke. Bleah...I know coffee would help, but I'd have to get up and go get it.