February 16th, 2005

The General

one of THOSE mornings

The programming meeting went fairly well, despite apprehension over whether the Mandarin Buffet was still there, since you can't find it in Google or Yahoo, and whether the Programming chairwoman was going to be there, since she hadn't responded to e-mail or phone messages all day. Well, the buffet was in fact still there, and she did show up - she'd been tied up in meetings all day and had just barely had time to get home, see the e-mail, and dash off to Anoka to meet up with us. We managed to fill most of the main programming spaces with a few exceptions on Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning, but there are many many gaping holes in the smaller venues. michaellee, I thought you had a major headache of a job doing programming for CONvergence, and now I KNOW your pain. Well, we have a few weeks in which to hit up people for more panel/discussion group ideas, so I think we'll be able to fill them up...or use them as auxiliary lounges, which would also be a good use of the space.

Got home around 10 pm, watched the first half of Eiken, and could not get to sleep until after midnight. Slept badly, woke late, and still feel like hammered yak dung. Tonight, a registration meeting.

Things about Japanese culture I don't understand, Part N in a series...

Today's look into the weird world of Japanese culture examines the two-episode anime series Eiken, based on a long-running manga series. You can follow the link above for a plot summary; for our purposes it's enough to say that if Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel of The Man Show did a script for a romantic comedy set in high school and turned it over to a Japanese anime studio, Eiken would probably be the result. Almost all of the main female characters are hideously overendowed - the clip used in the infamous "AMV Hell" music video is a pretty fair sample. The nebbishy protagonist, Densuke, winds up in one awkward situation after another with his hands/face/feet going places he really wishes they wouldn't, especially when those places are on the body of Chiharu, his beloved, or Yuriko, who refers to herself as Densuke's little sister (too, too creepy) while she's literally throwing herself at him - and winding up with his face in her panties. I'm not even going to go into detail regarding the yogurt slide scene or the penultimate cocoanut chocolate sauce hot spring scene; some things are better left to the imagination. One can only wonder what a whole season's worth of this anime would have been like.

All in all, this wasn't as bad as Colorful, which was all about the panty fetish thing and was thus extremely creepy. It was painful to watch in parts on account of the enormous b00bage. (Many of the Eiken club members, especially club president Kirika, looked like they were barely restraining a couple of small blimps and not merely large breasts.) It was funny in the way that Eurotrip and Not Just Another Teen Movie were, so if you thought those were gutbusters you'll probably like Eiken too.
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The General

I guess I missed a few.

Hardcore data entry thrashing at Brin & Steph's tonight with the hostesses, danae, phoenixalpha (who was surprised to be glomped by Steph), drunkenphlower, and Yr. Humble Narrator. We wound up with a count of 939, which is 36 more than I thought we had, but now we know we're all caught up. There will be a trickle of other folks whose stuff is dribbling through the mail, but this shouldn't go up by much until the human wave hits on Friday morning of the convention.

Boy howdy, we're going to be some busy, busy fans, we are.