January 20th, 2005


The wave of the future?

Seems some employers aren't waiting for the feds to reform the screwed-up healthcare insurance system and are getting out of the business. (Scroll down to the second article on the page.) I think that this would be a really, really good idea for other employers to embrace, as it would end the practice of tying health insurance to one's job and instead make people individually responsible for buying their own insurance - often at lower prices than their employers would have paid.

I thought I had seen something on one of my regular blogs about a plan W is pushing to make interstate health insurance sales legal, but can't find the link. The advantage to this, of course, is that it would allow people to buy plain vanilla coverage without all the state-mandated coverage that often pumps up the price. Kind of like an auto dealer who's forced by law to sell nothing but V-6 slushboxes with satellite radios and DVD players when all you want is a 4-cylinder econobox with a straight stick and an AM radio.

My kind of bloke anyway.

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