January 18th, 2005


The new cube

Well, there's not a lot to say for it. It's on the other side of a cube wall from the departmental fax machines, and right outside the room where one of the network printers is, so I expect it's going to be a tad noisy around here come the end of the month. I also don't have the view out Jeff's window that I used to have...and for whatever reason, despite having a fixture directly overhead, it seemed sufficiently darker than the old cube that I moved the desktop lamp that was clamped to the table behind me over to my desk. It helps. I also moved the computer out of the corner the IT guys left it in and put it up against the south wall of the cube. Yes, this means it faces squarely back to the rest of the department, but I don't much care at this point; I don't plan on doing any surfing or making a lot of LJ entries at work any more anyway. It's one of my resolutions for the New Year, inasmuch as I have any of those.

What with unpacking boxes and getting moved in, it was a good thing that Filomena, one of the other two people that works for my boss, decided to keep her hand in with this file uploading thing and do about 24 of the 40 files that were backed up in the group mailbox from Friday afternoon and Monday. It helped a lot - there were another thirty files after that that I took care of in addition to all the research requests and the panicked phone calls from people who hadn't read the memo about our extending the upload deadline. Idiots. What with all the catching up, I didn't get out of my cube until about 1115, when I went to check the mailbox and grab some lunch at Taco John's.

Today's haul included a couple of DVDs from Anime Nation - Miami Guns and Risky Safety - as well as the endorsing stamp we ordered from Checks In The Mail and about half-a-dozen more registrations, including an Artists' Alley table sold to a maker of various anime-themed headgear (not hats) from Winnipeg. We're up to 561 by my count, probably more than that since I know drunkenphlower took in some at the meeting on Sunday.

I guess I'll head home now...was planning on staying late and catching the 535, but there's no real point to that.

Good news, bad news

Our CEO at the Evil Banking Neighbor is sufficiently pleased with the company's performance this past year that he's giving all of us employees a grant of stock equaling 1% of their annual salary, which will go into a separate section of our 401(k) retirement plans, which means folks without said plans will now get them. In my case, it'll work out to four or five shares plus a fraction, if they decide to hand out fractional shares instead of cash. The bad news that offsets this is that they'll no longer be offering the periodic stock options that they used to hand out every few years, since the Finance Accounting & Standards Board now requires companies to expense stock options instead of either not counting them until exercised or...whatever else it was they did that kept them off the books. (Remember, I'm not an accountant, I only play one in the organizational chart.) I think this is a slightly better deal, myself, since stock options accounting is pretty arcane, and cashing the damn things in without getting bent over by the IRS can be quite a problem. So whenever I finally jump or get pushed from my current job, I'll have an extra $320 worth of stock in the Cardboard Box Fund for my pains.

Lord knows it's more of a raise than I'm likely to get from my bosses.
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So how do you know when the real thing comes along?

Thinking about the long comment that the Merciful, the Lovingkind left on Michele's blog, which has sparked off quite the debate on what men and women are looking for when they go looking for someone to settle down with...for a night or for a lifetime. Quite a few comments worth reading there, though of course a lot of it is on a par with what you'd hear down at the NCO Club/neighborhood bar.

And of course Professor Death was absolutely right to hook Michele's post together with this none-too-gentle essay by Ann Althouse, because that's another aspect of the question which the crowd over at Michele's wasn't touching on too much; they're mostly all about the booty over there and whether baby got back.

Philosophizing on men & women follows. Collapse )
Okay, that's enough chum in the water for one night.

Additional comment: While I appreciate the feedback, the speed of some people's responses makes me wonder whether they bothered to follow the links. I don't think it's really possible to understand what I'm saying here if you don't read the comments/essays/posts linked to, because you're coming in at the middle of the conversation. That's the whole point of providing those links, to give some context to what I'm talking about here.