January 10th, 2005


My head goes here

I think I'm going to have "GO TO BED BY 2200, FOOL" done as a screen saver on all my computers, because I'm not doing too well at hitting that objective on my own without a constant reminder. This weekend was a good example of that...and how distracting a good computer game is. I must have wasted at least sixteen hours this weekend rediscovering the joys of the original Call To Power, and unfortunately almost all of those hours were between 10 PM and 4 AM, which thoroughly screwed up my body clock and made it extremely difficult to get anything done...like getting out of bed this morning at a reasonable hour like 6:30. I did actually get up and shut off the alarm, but I felt so awful after getting just 3.5 hours of sleep that I laid back down and slept until 7:30.

Which of course meant I was late to work. Nobody said anything, but I'm sure there's another black mark on my Permanent Record. phoenixalpha was kind enough to pack up the leftover pasta along with a couple of ham sandwiches, a cake doughnut, and a carton of yogurt in the requisite brown (plastic) bag, which I grabbed along with a small plate as I inhaled my coffee and drugs while stumbling out the door.

Still no sign of hat and gloves. Damn it.

Today was fairly busy, but I managed to find time to proof the 95 registrations we got today (current box score 534, with one on hold until 1/14) and determine that none of them had horrible screwups like the last batch. drunkenphlower and I will be getting together on Wednesday for shawirma and shop talk at Jerusalem's, by which time I expect we'll have matched, exceeded or come within shouting distance -not a very loud shout, either- last year's pre-reg total. And we still have a month to go before pre-reg closes.

I also replenished my diabetes meds and test strips. So in spite of being dog-tired all day I've gotten quite a bit done, somehow, and now only have to remain awake for another five hours or so...