January 7th, 2005


Productive, I think

This morning I cleared up an outsanding traffic warrant (cost me nothing, thank goodness) and had an enlightening talk with one of the loan officers at Wells Fargo Financial. I am in somewhat of a cleft stick financially...because of the student loans, my debt ratio is absolutely horrible (in the 80% range) and even though I have little in the way of credit, it's pretty much maxed. The result is, of course, that I have a credit rating on a par with Argentina or Peru and no World Bank or IMF to bail me out. I did manage to get MBNA to back off the interest on the MasterCard, though, and change the payment date to the 20th. This should help a lot. Clamping down on my expenses should also help...need to start brown-bagging more and eating out less. *makes note to pick up sandwich bags along with the TP tonight*

Someday the refund from the state will show up, along with the student loan...probably on the 14th, the way my luck is going. Also, if I'm lucky, I should be able to avoid getting hammered too badly by the Feds and the state this time when I file my returns. We'll see how that goes...am still paying off the IRS for last year's return, which reflects all the horrible stuff that went down in 2003. Gad, what an awful year that was. Not quite as bad as 2000, but pretty bad.