January 6th, 2005


Pad thai and plasma rifles

Fairly long meeting with drunkenphlower last night at Sawatdee on Nicollet, during which receipts were passed on along with registration forms, 2004 expeditures were discussed, and we agreed on some things that need doing before the convention. The food was okay, I guess...some people really like Thai, but I've come to the conclusion that I prefer Vietnamese, or better yet Chinese when it comes to Asian cuisine. Korean is okay, and so is Japanese, but those are really subsets of Chinese in my mind, for what that's worth.

After the meeting drunkenphlower dropped me off at the Park & Ride where I'd left the Kia and stuck around to make sure it started. Which it did; I then motored off to get some cat food, cat litter, and some more sandwich bread before heading home and working on my Halo skills. I have a long way to go...am still occasionally looking at my feet and getting myself into positions where I get whacked by Covenant troops sneaking up behind me. Practice, practice, practice, and hopefully an end to the motion sickness that I'm still getting occasionally.

Still not sure what to think about this essay. I left comments on danae and mesmericones' LJs about it, and am pecking away at a long essay on the subject of nice guys and what happens to them. I gave up on being a nice guy a while back, myself, although I'm not enough of an S.O.B. to keep people from being surprised when I warn them that I'm not a nice guy. Oh, well.

Fifteen more registrations today, not counting the packet danae sent over from MAS, which drunkenphlower already included in her total. Today's total is now 394, so we're definitely going to hit 400 by tomorrow, maybe 450 by the time the last of the $30 registrations dribble in next week. Also, we have our first AMV contest submission!

Even Freud screwed the pooch on this one.

So why am I so full of rage after reading this little gem? I swear, I haven't been so angry since the election. Maybe it's because I'm old, bitter and cynical. For what it's worth, I've learned a few things in my life and feel the urge to lay them out for others to benefit from. Or not. Nobody's making you click the link.

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Thus endeth the lesson.