December 28th, 2004


Fear and loathing in Catan

Man, that was frustrating...two ladder games where I was so close to winning I could taste it and then WHAM, one of the other players would reel off a quick 3-4 roads and a couple of cities and it would be all over. At least I'm not getting blown out so much any more.

I also worked on my HALO skills a little bit tonight. I still suck, and I have to watch how I move my "head" in the game or the old motion sickness I used to get on Doom comes back. I don't think the bifocals help, either, since I've noticed I can't read on the bus for too long these days without becoming nauseous. OTOH, I'm becoming a lot better with the grenades, bwahaha! Still need work on my rifle skills, but then I always was a lousy shot with an M-16. Maybe my old buddy Madge is right and I should stick to shotguns. ~_^