December 23rd, 2004


Housekeeping and other efforts

Well, tjstriker put up a temporary page at the Anime Detour website with a couple of the registration forms, but the rest of it is going to have to wait until he gets back. So it goes. He did hand out the passwords to stuckintraffik, minionofamiee and myself, so I suppose we could fake up some of the other pages if we get bored.

The bus ride home yesterday just sucked. First of all, bus traffic on Nicollet switched over to Hennepin at 5:30 due to the Holidazzle Parade, which screwed up schedules for both the regular Hennepin buses and the diverted mall buses, and secondly it was freezing out there. The 589 I wanted to catch showed up half an hour later than the schedule called for, but at least it was somewhat warm...which could not be said for the Sportage. It started hard and rumbled unhappily all the way back to the garage, not really getting warmed up until it was back inside. It ran better on the late-night expedition to Video Universe, where I picked up the last disk of Dai-Guard, but while the heater does a good job of keeping me warm and the windshield defrosted, it's not so great on the side windows.

The cold also spurred me to do some things I should have done weeks ago - put the cover on the air conditioner, lower the blinds over the leaky southwest window (the sun isn't shining nearly enough at this time of year to make it worth leaving up, methinks) and move the tchotchke shelf from in front of the baseboard heater so that the whole room gets heated instead of just the shelf. I should really move some of the three dressers that are up against the south wall as well, but there's nowhere to move them until I can get some shelving or some more storage boxes so that I can empty out some of the drawers and archival boxes so as to clear up some space. I figure by the time I get everything organized the way I want it, it'll be time to move again. *rolls eyes* In any case, all that work paid off and the bedroom was actually comfortable for once. Normally I have to roll up in three blankets and a poncho liner and wait for my body heat to warm the bed up before I can nod off, but not last night. Ah, the simple pleasures of civilization.

This morning I got up a little before six, and found that mi hija and her boyfriend had converted the last of the bananas into banana bread. Which was okay; them leaving the sink and stovetop full of dirty stuff, OTOH, was not. I grumpily fixed coffee went about cleaning a skillet and spatula so I could cook breakfast, and resigned myself to missing the 6:55 bus. Which I did, but I caught the 7:35 which got me into work 20 minutes early and thus made up for yesterday when I showed up 20 minutes late. Today's mission is to replace the pile cap and scarf that have gone missing, and to get a pair of mittens for Melody, who has been a bad little kitten and lost hers. The parenting never stops.
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No escape from Siberia

Well, my prayers have been answered: the Trust Department sent me five pages of product changes and a half-dozen new product requests, which should keep me busy at least through tomorrow, which is a short day since we're out of here at 2 PM. Yay! I get to drive home in daylight for a change!

Unfortunately it's still going to be hellishly cold and windy for the foreseeable future, except for Sunday when it's rumored that temperatures will actually be above freezing. Yeah, sure. Melody and I will be going to Kaplan's after I get home to pick up scarves, since they were $30 and up at Marshall's and I don't do Target in the same way that some people don't do Wal-Mart, and then on to Karl & Joella's to pick up rice cookers and percolators for delivery to the storage area, where they will sit until the convention.

On nights like this, it's best to curl up with some anime, and since I'm almost done with Dai-Guard and Nadesico, I picked up the first disks of The Big O and Legend of Black Heaven on Sunday. They're both pretty good and I think after I'm done plowing through the box set of Gasaraki Kale loaned me I'll start on those series. Provided, of course, that I've caught up on my coursework.
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