December 21st, 2004


Slowest. Day. Ever.

I was originally planning to catch the 589 at the end of the parking lot but elected to eat breakfast instead, and rediscovered how tasteless microwaved grits and eggs are. I wound up catching a different 589 up at Normandale Village, and suffered through a fairly chilly ride along with the dozen or so other passengers...the bus hadn't really been warmed up before it started its run, and considering that the ambient temperatures were in the single digits, it never really got comfortable in there.

Got to work at 8:10, finished most of the day's work by 9, and spent the rest of the day trying not to fall asleep at my desk and dealing with the occasional minute or two of constructive work that crossed my desk. At least I'll be able to do month-end balancing starting tomorrow, which should keep me busy and out of trouble.

The ride home wasn't quite as miserable as the ride in, but it was no pleasure cruise, that's for sure. Home now, doing laundry and anticipating an early bedtime.
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