December 15th, 2004


Clearing my head, and the decks too

I feel a lot better this morning, if a bit dehydrated from the usual morning mug of coffee combined with a large mug of tea. The cold seems to be gone, which just goes to show how much good a full eight hours of sleep will do me when I actually get it. You'd think I'd remember that, and the virtues of regular water drinking, but I manage to forget all too often.

ATC Board meeting tonight, followed by some minimal grocery shopping; will probably do big shopping for groceries this weekend at Sam's Club and Wal-Mart after perusing the store flyers from Cub, Jerry's and Rainbow to decide whether it's worth the time to go take advantage of the loss leaders. Sushi with Tae and friends at Ichiban will probably be the last social event on the schedule until New Year's Eve, which is just as well since I have a lot of schoolwork that needs to be finished and a lot of stuff that needs to go on eBay so that I don't have to abuse the direct deposit advance, on which the fees are truly heinous and make the MBNA card (locked up due to its 24.99% interest rate) look attractive as an option...if it had more than $100 of flex left, which it doesn't. There will also be much baking. *nods nods*

I'll also be working on my time management skills during the Christmas break. I spend way too much time screwing off when I should be doing constructive things like schoolwork, and that has to stop, because if I don't get that under control I'm going to reach the point where my grades are so awful that nobody is going to want me to student teach in their school, much less offer me a full-time position...except possibly in the kind of school where my chance to succeed and get tenure are near zero because neither the students nor the parents care whether the kids learn anything or not.
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