December 14th, 2004


Two days in Siberia followed by TDY in Winnipeg

That's what the weather's like this week, O my East Coast brothers. Highs in the 10-15 degree range these last two days, but it's going to warm up into the 40s starting tomorrow. It could have started tonight, or it could have just been me being feverish, I dunno...yeah, now that the infection is being exterminated in my right toe, I've got a cold. So I'm going to bed early.

Tonight's session (the last) in middle level education was valuable mainly due to a counseling session with the new program head, who advised me to sharpen up my organizational skills (laugh while you can, monkey boy!) and get cracking on finishing the two courses left over from the second summer term that are miraculously still incomplete and not Fs. He also suggested that I retake the assessment class I flunked due to illness and sloth last spring and get the rest of my needed credits by starting on the master's program courses. This will be a bit of a problem, since the courses all start at 4:30 and I don't get off work until then at the very earliest. Fortunately, my instructor for tonight's class will also be teaching that class, and he agreed to let me be perennially late. This is habitually done for sports coaches, and since I have essentially the same demands on my time as they do, it should be no trouble.

And so to bed at an early hour, to sleep and hopefully wake up without the damn cold.
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